Tuesday, November 29

Sun Ra & His Arkestra Live at Montreux (1976)

"From 1955, when Sun Ra began recording his Arkestra, one hears not only complex, irregular structures and model improvisation but miscellaneous percussion, odd meters and polyrhythms, electronic keyboards and the use of two keyboards at once. By the end of the 50s Sun Ra and his band were into the whole area of noise elements and collective sonic exploration, while his elaborate stage shows and vocal interludes paved the way for the currently popular Parliament/Funkadelic. A Sun Ra concert is truly something else more than music and more than musical theater, it is a self-created and self-contained mythic universe. Two dozen men and women, dressed in outrageous space garb, carry on for hours without pause, spanning all of jazz history from staples of the original Duke Ellington or Fletcher Henderson books to ethereal child-like tunes and the outraged caterwaulings of the entire horn section."
Inner City Jazz
W - Sun Ra & His Arkestra Live at Montreux
YouTube: Take The A Train, Arkestra, Is A Sound Of Joy, Outer Space Employment Agency (Live), Of The Other Tomorrow