Monday, November 14

Puke Force - Brian Chippendale (2016)

"Puke Force is social satire written dark and dense across Brian Chippendale’s deconstructed multiverse of walking, talking M&Ms, hamsters, and cycloptic-yet-glamorous trivia hosts. In scathingly funny single-page strips that build and build, he takes on social media narcissism, governmental propaganda, racism, and a culture of violence, skewering the malice of the right and the hypocrisy of the left. A bomb explodes in a coffee shop: the incident is played out over and over again from the perspective of each table in the shop, revisiting moments from ten and twenty years before. ..."
Drawn and Quarterly
Brian Chippendale Talks About His Punked-Out Comic, Puke Force
Brian Chippendale’s Puke Force is 2016’s first comics masterpiece