Wednesday, November 23

Patti Smith - Twelve (2007)

"According to her brief liner notes, Patti Smith indulged the idea of a covers album, considering songs as far back as 1978 on the back pages of Jean Genet's Thief's Journal when she was still assembling her groundbreaking early catalog; it's evident she feels that covers have been part and parcel of her recording experience from the outset. Her debut, Horses, has her own apocalyptic version of Van Morrison's 'Gloria' as well as a healthy portion of Chris Kenner's 'Land of a Thousand Dances' inside 'Land.' On 1979's Wave she covered the Byrds 'So You Want to Be (A Rock and Roll Star),' and scored with the single. Her intuitive reading of Bob Dylan's 'Wicked Messenger' was a beautiful aspect of Gone Again in 1996, and she paid tribute to Allen Ginsberg by using one of his poems in 'Spell,' on 1997's Peace and Noise. ..."
W - Twelve
YouTube: Changing Of The Guards, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Gimme Shelter (Live), Within You Without You