Friday, November 18

L.A.M.F. - Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers (1977)

Wikipedia - "L.A.M.F. is the only studio album by the American band The Heartbreakers, which included Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, Walter Lure and Billy Rath. The music is a mixture of punk, R&B and rock and roll. ... The original, vinyl release of the album has been criticised for having a lackluster sound, despite several attempts to remix it. The Heartbreakers had been trying to get a record contract in the United States since their formation in 1975. In the fall of 1976, Malcolm McLaren, who had informally managed the New York Dolls in their waning days, invited the band to come to England and participate in the Sex Pistols' Anarchy tour, along with The Clash and The Damned, who were replaced by Buzzcocks shortly after the tour commenced. ..."
"L.A.M.F.T.M.J.B. - A Mixed Attempt For The Best Mixes", "L.A.M.F. - Original U.K. Cassette Mix" (Cassette/Tape, Track - 1977)
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YouTube: Born To Lose (Live), Chinese Rocks
YouTube: L.A.M.F. (full album, original cassette mix) 33:46, HEARTBREAKERS 'LAMF - definitive edition' 3xLP gatefold & booklet - the inside view