Wednesday, November 16

Jeff Greinke - Cities In Fog / Cities In Fog 2 (1997)

"Back in 1985, Jeff Greinke released an LP of ambient industrial music titled 'Cities In Fog'. The sound of industry and contemporary cityscapes - grinding metal, pounding machinery - were tempered and processed in the studio, producing a removed impressionist haze. Though the imagery was disturbing, even nightmarish, it was equally compelling, seductive, and undeniably beautiful. This little-known gem was the starting point of a fascinating musical trek for Greinke. His vision has expanded, and his recent work is exotic and atmospheric. ... With the revival of ambient, these disks prove Greinke to be a true visionary. --Dean Suzuki, Wired Magazine"
YouTube: Low Ceiling, Moving Through Fog, Nightcrawler, Between

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