Monday, November 14

Checkpoint 303 - The Iqrit Files (2015)

"An electronic Intifada is the logical—one might argue inevitable—cultural and political product of a zone of effective incarceration and deprivation where children (comprising half the Gaza population) can distinguish by sound between different types of tanks and warplanes, or between mere surveillance drones and those armed with deadly missiles. ... Yet an unrelenting seven-decade assault on Palestinian livelihood, dignity, identity, and human rights has not obliterated the creative spirit of a people that continues to engender artistic ensembles such as Checkpoint 303. ..."
RootsWorld (Video)
Soundcloud: The Iqrit Files
YouTube: In 1948 // بسنة 1948 - Checkpoint 303 //Jawaher Shofani, Come back home, all refugees // يا مهاجرين إرجعوا