Wednesday, November 30

Armory Show 1913

1913 “International Exhibition of Modern Art”
Wikipedia - "Many exhibitions have been held in the vast spaces of U.S. National Guard armories, but the Armory Show refers to the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art that was organized by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors, the first large exhibition of modern art in America. The three-city exhibition started in New York City's 69th Regiment Armory, on Lexington Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets, from February 17 until March 15, 1913. ..."
Culture Night Los Angeles
1913 Armory Show
Walt Kuhn scrapbook of press clippings documenting the Armory Show, vol. 1, 1913
NPR: In 1913, A New York Armory Filled With Art Stunned The Nation (Video)