Monday, October 24

Lotte Lenya Sings Kurt Weill's The Seven Deadly Sins & Berlin Theater Songs (1997)

"A combined digital edition of Die Sieben Todsünden and Lotte Lenya Sings Berlin Theatre Songs of Kurt Weill, a pair of recordings given additional weight and texture as a result of Lenya recording them after visiting Berlin following a 20-year absence from the city -- she was heartbroken on seeing the devastation that had resulted from World War II. Die Sieben Todsünden is a nine-part work for vocal ensemble and soloist, while the Berlin Theatre Songs collection essentially rifles the Kurt Weill canon for highlights, coming up, as expected, with 'Moritat vom Mackie Messer' and 'Seeräuberjenny,' amongst others. Familiarity, however, makes the songs -- and the recordings -- no less a treasure. ..."
W - Lotte Lenya
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YouTube: Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill, Pirate Jenny

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