Thursday, October 20

Humberto Solas - Lucia (1969)

"At last we're privileged to see Humberto Solas's 'Lucia,' completed in 1969, when the director was 26; it opened at the First Avenue Screening Room on Tuesday. Spanning nearly 70 years of Cuban history, this extraordinary movie focuses on three generations of women whose lives reflect the society around them. ... Some differ sharply in their responses to the three parts of 'Lucia.' I found this section lushly overacted — almost in the style of silent movies. The women have been directed to flutter and squeal until they appear like a parody of winsome maidenhood. Operatic music throbs whenever the lovers' eyes meet, and the enthusiastic battle scene seems straight out of one of our Westerns: It's odd that a Cuban film maker should have used such mossy capitalistic models. ..."
NY Times (March 1, 1974)
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