Tuesday, October 25

Eddie Hazel - Rest in P (1994)

"Like Jams From the Heart, Rest in P isn't a full-length LP but rather a compilation of vault recordings dug up to satisfy P-Funk fans' insatiable hunger for Eddie Hazel material. A Japanese import, Rest in P actually manages to eclipse the brief four-song Jams of the Heart by featuring that material under different song titles as well as additional material. Standout moments include the three epic jams: 'Juicy Fingers' (14 minutes), 'We Three' (12 minutes), and 'No, It's Not!' (nine-and-a-half minutes). ... Either way, this is still a fine collection of Hazel's unreleased studio work from the late '70s that will provide ample insight to this man's ongoing legacy as an under appreciated funk-metal guitarist."
W - Rest in P
YouTube: Rest In P

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