Sunday, August 21

What’s it like living in Turkey one month after the failed coup?

"A month has passed since the failed military coup in Turkey. The nightly demonstrations against the attempted coup culminated in pro-government rally in Istanbul a week last Sunday, where hundreds of thousands of flag-waving supporters were addressed by the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Following the coup, the government launched a sweeping crackdown with Erdoğan accusing Fethullah Gülen, the US-based cleric, of masterminding it. Nearly 18,000 people have been detained or arrested across Turkey, including 42 arrest warrants for journalists, and the sacking of 15,000 education workers. ... We heard from our readers across the country on the mood in the country one month after the abortive coup. ..."
TIME: The Coup May Have Failed but Fear Still Rules Turkey

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