Monday, August 22

Company Wang Ramirez

Monchichi 2015
"In the US premiere of the duet Monchichi (2011), a Frenchman with Spanish parents (Sébastien Ramirez) and a German woman with a Korean mother (Honji Wang) present a dance of alienation and the search for identity and love. A couple both on stage and in real life, their dance backgrounds could hardly be more contrasting: while Ramirez was a B-boy, Wang was classically trained, but they share a love of other dance styles and a great interest in experimentation. Through the exploration of cultural influences, they create a new language: a virtuosic, poetic, and humorous delight. ..."
American Dance Festival
Wang Ramirez
W - Wang Ramirez
YouTube: MONCHICHI x WANG RAMIREZ | dance production, WANG RAMIREZ, AP15 at Breakin' Convention 2012