Friday, August 19

Kienholz: Five Car Stud

Fondazione Prada, Kienholz
"Autodidact installation artist and assemblage sculptor Edward Kienholz first began to practice carpentry, metalwork and auto-repair as a young boy on his rural family farm. In a new exhibition at Fondazione Prada, Kienholz: Five Car Stud celebrates his unequivocal imagination with a seven-month-long retrospective. 26 artworks, realized between 1959 and 1994, will be presented as part of the Prada Collection. 'Kienholz does not tend to sublimate the lowness and tragedy of life, the conditions of solitude and triviality, but rather uses them as tools that can highlight the low, popular universe, a place where the emaciated and filthy, the perverse and lurid, represent a new, surprising beauty,' explains the exhibit’s curator, Germano Celant. Five Car Stud officially opened yesterday, ready to catapult viewers into a nightmarish empiricism. ..."
Fondazione Prada (Video)
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