Wednesday, August 24

Joni Mitchell - On For the Roses (1972)

"On For the Roses, Joni Mitchell began to explore jazz and other influences in earnest. As one might expect from a transitional album, there is a lot of stylistic ground explored, including straight folk selections using guitar ('For the Roses') and piano ('Banquet,' 'See You Sometime,' 'Lesson in Survival') overtly jazzy numbers ('Barangrill,' 'Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire,' and hybrids that cross the two 'Let the Wind Carry Me,' 'Electricity,' 'Woman of Heart and Mind,' 'Judgment of the Moon and Stars'). 'Blonde in the Bleachers' grafts a rock & roll band coda onto a piano-based singer/songwriter main body. ..."
W - On For the Roses
Rolling Stone
YouTube: For The Roses (Live London 1974), Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire (Live 1974)
YouTube: For the Roses [Album]

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