Monday, July 4

Little Walter Jacobs, Muddy Waters and Baby Face Leroy Foster - Parkway Records

"... Parkway Records was established in February of 1950 by noted Midwestern record distributor Monroe Passis. The label immediately signs two local Chicago blues artists, Little Walter and Baby Face Leroy and his Trio. In April the label also signs vocal - instrumental combo The Rhythm Rockers. The first record released is #501 by Baby Face Leroy : 'Rollin' and Tumblin' (parts one and two). In May this is followed by #502 - 'I Just Keep Loving Her' / 'Moonshine Blues'. The original Parkway record has the tunes credited to Little Walter & His Trio, but the recording is actually by Baby Face Leroy. The next Parkway record is surprisingly numbered #104, and again it is by Baby Face Leroy : 'Boll Weevil' / 'Red Headed Woman'. ... The masters were bought by Regal before they were ever released by Parkway, and were on Regal #3296. Evidently at this time Passis decided to concentrate on his record distribution business and ceased operation of the Parkway Record Company."
Forgotten Sessions
YouTube: Just Keep Lovin' Her, Rollin' And Tumblin', Boll Weevil, Red Headed Woman, Moonshine Blues, Bad Acting Woman