Thursday, July 21

Hüsker Dü - "Makes No Sense At All" / "Love Is All Around" (1985)

Wikipedia - "'Makes No Sense At All' is a song by Hüsker Dü from the album Flip Your Wig. The song was the only single from the album. The release of the single, along with the flip side track 'Love Is All Around'—the theme song to The Mary Tyler Moore Show—demonstrated Hüsker Dü's continued move away from their hardcore punk roots to a more melodic synthesis of pop and punk. In a review on Allmusic, the song is called 'perhaps the group's greatest fusion of punk and pop...Mould had, quite simply, written one of his best melodies, capable of containing the furious energy of his guitar style while still offering a potent melodic hook that made the most of the band's psychedelic undertow.' ..."
YouTube: "Makes No Sense At All", "Love Is All Around"

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