Saturday, July 2

Gusmano Cesaretti: Fragments of Los Angeles 1969-1989

David, Sonia and Blaky; Highland Park, 1972.
"Self-taught Italian photographer Gusmano Cesaretti (born 1944) was one of the very first photographers to document the street culture of East Los Angeles, and The Thrill Is Gone is a retrospective history of his celebrated photographic work of the 1970s. Chapters include 'Bikers,' 'East L.A. Diary,' 'Folsom Prison,' 'Maria Sabina,' 'Muscle Beach' and 'Street Writers,' along with selected other iconic images from this important time in the photographer’s creative history. As a boy growing up in Italy, Cesaretti listened to jazz and rock ’n’ roll on the radio, and was drawn to the worlds of Marlon Brando and James Dean in Hollywood movies. ..."
Gusmano Cesaretti
NY Times: An Italian Photographer Takes on East L.A.