Sunday, June 19

Traffic Continues - Fred Frith (2000)

"For the past quarter century the varied recordings of musical renegade Fred Frith have provided a far-flung tour of the worldwide avant-garde fringe. On Traffic Continues, he composes for and plays guitar with Ensemble Modern, the venerable 21-piece German new music assemblage. This handsomely packaged CD is one of the strongest statements of Frith's career, a finely balanced work that contains concert hall and street sensibilities in equal measure. There are two lengthy pieces, the 29-minute 'Traffic Continues' and the 35-minute 'Traffic Continues II: Gusto (for Tom Cora),' an homage to the phenomenal cellist who with Frith was a member of the avant rock band Skeleton Crew. ... The closing elegiac minutes of this CD prove that even the most cutting-edge new music is most meaningful when there is emotional resonance at its core."
Fred Frith - Ensemble Modern: Traffic Continues
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