Tuesday, June 28

Sun Ra - God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be! (1979)

"... He is remains a lifer in the Arkestra, continuing to perform under the direction of alto saxophonist Marshall Allen, who has been in the Arkestra since damn near the beginning. This is a HOT album, straight up. High energy, it swings. Some might say it is a little straight forward for Sun Ra. I don't think so; I think that sans Arkestra anything could sound a little tame. What I can say is that hearing him with only bass and drums is nothing short of awesome. Mr. Ra tends to lay back in his larger ensembles; Arkestra recordings are more composition oriented; here you have Ra playing jazz piano, straight through. I'm not too sure about the rarity/availability of this LP, but I'm not too familiar with it, which means it must be a little obscure."
The Changing Same on XRAY.fm
YouTube: Days of Happiness, Magic City Blue, Tenderness, Blithe Spirit Dance, God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be!