Friday, June 17

Southern Fried Funk (2006)

"An amazing set of funky 45s from New Orleans and other points deep south – with a mix of obscure bits and a few 'classic' Crescent City grooves! Southern Fried Funk is a collection of singles originally issued on regional labels such as Tou-Sea, Deesu, Quinvu, Budd, Gold Cup, Malaco, Milk and more – corralled here on CD by the reverent revivalists at Grapevine Records – who respect the more famous numbers, but also include plenty of other rare ones to keep the interest of more hardcore collectors! What we really love about this particular comp is the deep soul feel of the tracks – with all of the raw, thundering, sweaty funk elements in full force – but the material still has a soul feel underneath. ..."
Dusty Groove
YouTube: Southern Fried Funk 1:01:19