Monday, June 13

Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell - Mississippi Blues (1965)

"'Mississippi' Fred McDowell played simple, haunting blues with vivid, demonstrative passion and power. He wasn't a great guitarist, but his voicings and backings were always memorable, while his singing never lacked intensity or conviction or failed to hold interest. This 1965 set contains mostly McDowell compositions, with the exception of the set's final number, a nearly seven-minute exposition of Big Bill Broonzy's 'Louise.' Assisted only at times by his wife Annie, Fred McDowell makes every song entertaining, whether they're humorous, poignant, reflective, or bemused."
Lyrics - 61 Highway Blues
YouTube: Mississippi Blues
01 - Some Day Baby 02 - Milk Cow Blues 03 - The Train I Ride 04 - Over The Hill 05 - Goin' Down To The River 06 - I Wished I Were In Heaven Sitt 07 - Louise 08 - Germany Blues 09 - Some Sweet Day 10 - The Sun Rose This Morning 11 - When I Lay My Burden Down 12 - Goin' Down To Louisiana

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