Tuesday, June 7

"Juke Box Comics" - One Last Wallow

"... Since I am always prepping future blog posts well in advance, there is a pile of sort-of-related things left to present here, and it will be a little bit of a jumble sale. Today, we'll be going through the rest of the six-issue run of 'Juke Box Comics' (we have presented some bits from the first two issues here before) from the late 1940s and combing out the best from those lovely books, as well as one small piece in a similar vein from 'True Comics' #75. A lot of fun stuff awaits -- right after the jump! Let's jump right in with issue # 3 of Juke Box, from July 1948, and some heroic adventure action featuring Count Basie! The art is by the justly-famed Jimmy Thompson. ..."