Wednesday, June 8

Elliott Hundley - There Is No More Firmament

"Regen Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Elliott Hundley. On view will be a series of billboard collages and a sculpture that form an ongoing visual narrative. This will be the artist’s fourth solo presentation at the gallery. Known for his dense multimedia compositions that reference both art history and mythology, Hundley’s work weaves together scenes from the past with familiar imagery taken from the contemporary world. Whereas previous bodies of work have focused on classical Greek tales such as Euripides’s tragedy The Bacchae, this exhibition presents a shift in subject matter, moving from antiquity to the modern, and is loosely based on Antonin Artaud’s play There Is No More Firmament. Devoid of a traditional narrative structure and identifiable protagonists, the play utilizes visuals, sound, gesture, and language to confront the viewer and create an impactful, visceral state of chaos. ..."
Elliott Hundley: There Is No More Firmament
Elliott Hundley: There Is No More Firmament - Installation
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