Thursday, June 16

Dion - "Runaround Sue" (1961)

"... Dion DiMucci: We used to have these parties in the Bronx in the late 1950s and early ’60s. They were held in the basement of an apartment building at 2308 Crotona Ave., where a friend was the superintendent. He turned space near the boiler room into a living room, with couches and chairs. One night in 1960, about 30 guys and girls from the neighborhood got together there to celebrate the birthday of a friend—Ellen. ... The bones of the song were already in place when Ernie got there. I had the song’s sound and breaks as well as some of the lyrics: 'She likes to travel around/ She’ll love you then she’ll put you down./ People let me put you wise/ Sue goes out with other guys.' After Ernie heard where I was going with the song, we went to work on the melody and lyrics. I had my guitar and Ernie was banging on the desk with his palms. I wanted the song to be about a girl we knew from the neighborhood who had broken every guy’s heart. ..."
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