Tuesday, June 21

Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up (1964)

"When he expatriated to Scandinavia just before this session in Paris was recorded, Dexter Gordon said he was liberated in many ways, as a jazz musician and as a human being. This is reflected in the lengthy track on this album, a testament to that newly found freedom, addressing the restrictions the American music scene placed on artists to do the two- to three-minute hit. With the nearly 18-minute 'Tanya' and the 11-minute 'Coppin' the Haven,' Gordon and his quintet, featuring trumpeter Donald Byrd, were able to jam at length with no thought of being edited, and they fully prolong their instrumental remarks in a way few other musicians -- jazz or otherwise -- would allow themselves. ..."
Dexter Gordon: One Flight Up (1964) Blue Note (Video)
W - One Flight Up
YouTube: One Flight Up 5 Video

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