Tuesday, May 10

Touring the East Village’s Incubator of Experimentation

"Seen head-on, behind the scaffolding, Performance Space 122 looks about the same as it has for years: that red-brick facade overlooking First Avenue, those hulking metal gates guarding the door. But stroll a few yards up the sidewalk, peek around the edge of the building, and the scruffiness gives way to a gleaming new exterior. Its sleekness betrays no hint of the gentrifying neighborhood’s tatty, crime-ridden past or the creative experiments that have gone on there since 1980, when PS122 opened at the corner of East Ninth Street. What began as a squat in an old public school building would become a stage for people like Spalding Gray and Meredith Monk, for Eric Bogosian and the preglobal Blue Man Group. ..."
NY Times
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