Wednesday, May 18

Stephen Powers Puts the Writing on the Wall

The three framed pictures above, with allusions to both advertising and sign painting.
"When the muralist and painter Stephen Powers was 15, his father left the family. The following year, in a fit of restlessness, Powers took to spraying 'ESPO' on the rooftops in his West Philadelphia neighborhood. He liked the shape of the letters, though he had not yet decided what they meant. It was 1984, and his brother Larry, ten years older than him and now the man of the house, had one rule and it came down like a decree from the pope: Powers could get into any kind of trouble he wanted to out on the street, 'But if you’re sloppy enough that the trouble comes home,' Powers remembers Larry telling him, 'Then you’re not doing it right, and I’m going to kick your ass.' Powers went along with Larry’s rule until he accidentally discovered a loophole. ..."
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