Thursday, May 5

One Step Forward Two Steps Backward: 1976, Reggae & Critical Amnesia

"Be wary of the curators, including me, and the path they choose for you in ‘building a collection’. Always revealing, those artifacts a dominant culture deems representative of marginal cultures. Reggae music, as an expression of black Jamaican consciousness, as the music that most uniquely summates the imaginative and spiritual desires, and brute reality of Jamaican life, is now usually critically reduced to a half-handful of album-length transmissions. Noticeable also, among even the ‘collector’ mindset and in the tiny worlds of avant-garde rock-crit and even dance-crit, that increasingly the emphasis on dub’s studio-sorcery or dancehall’s digi-manipulation is paramount. ..."
The Quietus (Video)
YouTube: Peter Tosh - Them A Fi Get A Beaten, Power and the glory - Ernie Smith