Tuesday, May 3

Never Say Never - Romeo Void (EP 1982)

Wikipedia - "'Never Say Never' is a 1982 song by the new wave band Romeo Void. One of their best-known songs, 'Never Say Never' was a favorite on early MTV, featuring a music video filmed in black and white using film noir motifs. The song is driven by a throbbing, funky bassline and punctuated by jagged guitar and saxophone, incorporating post-punk influences. The song was featured in the 1984 film Reckless starring Aidan Quinn as a football star and renegade. Quinn's character takes over the school dance's DJ booth to play the single, much to the dismay of all his classmates. A dance sequence ensues with Quinn's character moshing about while a somewhat distraught Daryl Hannah tries to figure out how to dance with him. ..."
W - Romeo Void
YouTube: Never Say Never (Live)
YouTube: 01 - Never Say Never 00:00 02 - In The Dark 6:04 03 - Present Tense 10:26 04 - Not Safe 16:15