Saturday, May 7

Motherlode - James Brown (1988)

"During the mid- and late '80s, after Brown and Polydor parted ways, the label began to reissue his work, some of which had been out of print for close to a decade. Motherlode is one of the finest compilations. Coming a few years after In the Jungle Groove, a compilation effort that culled some of Brown's harder-edged 1969-1971 tracks, this covers 1969-1973 and has the smoothness of a regular release effort. By this point, Motherlode producers Cliff White and Tim Rogers began to know more about Brown's 'classic' work than he did and could do compilations where the tracks were all potent. ... The track, which manages to subtly cross reggae with bebop, again features Brown with his 1971-1975 band and it exhibits their chemistry and the band's unbelievable versatility. Although Motherlode has been lost in the shuffle due to a plethora of other compilations, this is still illuminating and enjoyable."
W - Motherlode
YouTube: Motherlode [Full Album]