Tuesday, May 31

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - "Baseball Canto" (1972)

"Watching baseball, sitting in the sun, reading Ezra Pound. Lawrence Ferlinghetti wants an Hispanic or African American [not 'Chicano' per se] member of the San Francisco Giants to hit a hole through the Anglo-Saxon epic. He sees Willie Mays flee around the bases as if being chased by the United Fruit Company. The entire panoply of political consequences of his love of the American Other are played out in front of him on the diamond, the nation's traditional (and Irish coplike ump-dominated) game. It's a schticky performance, as so many Ferlinghetti's performances are, but the 'revolution round the loaded white bases, / in this last of the great Anglo-Saxon epics, / in the territorio libre of Baseball,' is certainly affecting. ..."
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