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Floyd Jones

Floyd Jones, Homesick James, 1979
Wikipedis - "Floyd Jones (July 21, 1917 – December 19, 1989) was an American blues singer, guitarist and songwriter, who is significant as one of the first of the new generation of electric blues artists to record in Chicago after World War II. ... Notably for a blues artist of his era, several of his songs have economic or social themes, such as 'Stockyard Blues' (which refers to a strike at the Union Stock Yards), 'Hard Times' and 'Schooldays'. ... In Chicago, Jones took up the electric guitar and was one of the numerous musicians playing on Maxwell Street and in nonunion venues in the late 1940s who played an important role in the development of the postwar Chicago blues. This group included Little Walter and Jimmy Rogers, both of whom went on to become mainstays of the Muddy Waters band, and Snooky Pryor, Jones's cousin Moody Jones and the mandolin player Johnny Young. ..."
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Blues from the Streets of ‘The Other America’
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