Monday, May 16

Ethiopia’s Boom Times

"Ethiopia has a new nickname: 'The African Lion.' Like China ('The Asian Dragon'), Ethiopia’s economy is growing: 10 percent annually from 2003 to 2014. But the moniker also has less savory connotations. Ethiopia’s economic expansion is taking place against a backdrop of privatization, immiseration, and incursions on democratic rights. On the one hand, the government has undertaken huge infrastructure projects, like the construction of the two largest dams in Africa (funded in part by foreign investment). On the other, it sells locally owned land to large multinational corporations at low prices and exiles or imprisons journalists critical of the deals. ..."
NY Times: Ethiopia, Long Mired in Poverty, Rides an Economic Boom (March 2015)
YouTube: Building boom offers hope to Ethiopia's economic growth (2014), Ethiopia Construction Boom (2014)