Monday, May 2

Amos Chapple

"For most people, Oymyakon—the world's coldest permanently settled area, located a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle in the Russian tundra—wouldn't be a top-of-the-list travel destination. But for New Zealand photographer Amos Chapple, it offered an opportunity he couldn't refuse. Working as an English teacher in Russia to support his travel photography, Chapple viewed a trip to Oymyakon—and its nearest city, Yakutsk (576 miles away)—as a chance to embark on a unique photography project. ... Still, it's extremely remote: six time zones away from Moscow, there is a small airport but no railway, and the town boasts but one major road leading in and out of it. Known as the 'Road of Bones,' it was built by gulag inmates under Stalin's regime. ..."
Smithsonian: Photos From the Coldest City on Earth
On Siberia's Ice Highway (Video)
Amos Chapple

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