Saturday, April 16

Wondem - Dexter Story (2015)

"Wondem is Dexter Story's second album as a solo artist. His first, 2012's Seasons, was a gem that highlighted his take on global soul and reflected his lifelong participation in L.A.'s sprawling, interconnected, independent music scene. A singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and arranger, he is a founding member of the Life Force Trio, as is his co-producer here, Carlos Niño. The lineup on Wondem features a host of their regular musical partners, including Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Mark de Clive-Lowe. The album was inspired by East African, North African, and Caribbean music, all sifted through modern L.A. soul, funk, and jazz. Story is everywhere, singing, playing keyboards, percussion, guitars, basses, etc. His arrangements are easy on the ears; they cordially invite the listener into his brand of global fusion on their own terms. ..."
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