Friday, April 22

This Is Dub Clash (2013 / The Clashification of Dub (2011)

"A great collection of dub material from The Clash, who explored this genre very deeply from 1980 onwards with Mikey Dread, who as Bill Price put it, added 'Genuine Jamaican dub' to the Clash's music. This CD collects material from Sandinista! and Super Black Market Clash along with a few songs no longer in print. The songs are all remixes (apart from track 14) of other songs that you will be familiar with, but in case you don't know which songs they are remixes of, here's the list. ... A great CD that collects together the best of the band's musical exploration into dub, along with some interesting rarities. I do think the versions of Bankrobber - Robber Dub and Justice Tonight / Kick It Over from Black Market Clash would have been better though. ..."
This Is Dub Clash
YouTube: Justice Tonight / kick it over, The Magnificent Dance, The Escapades Of Futura Dub, Robber Dub, The cool out, Radio One (reprise)

"The title of this disc has it exactly backwards: this album represents not the Clash-ification of dub, but rather the dubification of the Clash. Swiss neo-reggae stars Dub Spencer and Trance Hill take 12 classic Clash songs and reinterpret them as dubwise instrumental reggae; it's the kind of project that is liable to either succeed wildly or fall flat on its face. These guys have been doing stuff like this for a while now, and their taste and experience show. The most interesting problem for an album like this one lies in the fact that although the Clash experimented heavily with reggae throughout their career (covering Junior Murvin and Willi Williams while also writing apocalyptic reggae originals like 'Guns of Brixton' and 'Bankrobber'), most of their music had little or nothing to do with reggae. ..."
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YouTube: Bankrobber, Guns Of Brixton, London Calling, Magnificent Seven, Rock The Casbah, Armagideon Time, Police and Thieves, The Call Up, This Is England, Rock The Casbah, Train In Vain, Should I Stay Or Should I Go
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