Saturday, April 2

Radiooooo: The Hit Tune Time Machine

Instead of browsing songs listed alphabetically or by genre, listeners on the Web site Radiooooo explore playlists organized by decade and by geography.
"In 2012, Benjamin Moreau, an artist and d.j., was test-driving his car-collector father’s most recent acquisition, a white 1966 Renault Caravelle, in the French Riviera. 'As we drove along this road, lost in time, my fingers came across the splendid old radio on the exquisite wooden dashboard,' he recalled. When Moreau switched it on, the speakers belched 'a wave of awful commercial music,' he said, 'instantly bursting the time bubble we were so happily swimming in.' The moment led to an idea: what if you could organize music, not based on genre or complex algorithms but instead as a part of time and space? What if, instead of scrolling through artists and songs arranged alphabetically, you could explore them historically and geographically? ..."
New Yorker
Radioooooo (Video)