Tuesday, April 5

Lightnin' Hopkins - "Remember Me - The Complete Herald Singles"

"Lightnin' Hopkins was simply one of a kind - his time was his time and that was that! You either played by his rules and time, or you incurred the wrath and stares he was sometimes known for. There's a ton of Lightnin' Hopkins available on CD, currently somewhere in the vicinity of 200 titles, but this is the best he ever did. Stripped down, raw, and playing some of the most smokin' electric Blues ever waxed, if you add one Lightnin' CD to your collection, by all means, make it this one. It's worth the small sum asked by many online retailers. All cut in 1954, this is smoldering, gutbucket work by a master. ... Accompanied by his stinging electric guitar, the bass work of Donald Cooks, and a still-unidentified drummer, this is the stuff that legends are made of. Comprised of two sessions, both which are amazing, Lightnin' blazes through a set of awesome Blues as only he could. ..."
This Blues Ring
YouTube: The Complete Herald Singles Full Album 1:04:03

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