Thursday, April 14

Julia Wertz

Greenpoint drawing of Manhattan Ave and Kent St in the 1920’s
Wikipedia - "Julia Wertz (born December 29, 1982 in the San Francisco Bay Area) is an American cartoonist, writer and urban explorer. ... In 2010, Random House published Drinking at the Movies, Wertz's first full-length graphic memoir. Against the backdrop of her move from San Francisco to New York, the book details serious issues, such as a family member's battle with substance abuse and her own alcoholism, with trademark wit and self-effacement. ... In 2015, Wertz started a monthly comics series for The New Yorker, about lesser known historical events and facts about New York City, as well as a monthly illustration series of cityscapes for Harper's Magazine. Wertz currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. ..."
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Julia Wertz
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