Sunday, April 17

In Which We Cook By The Recipes Of Paul Cézanne

Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1882–1885
"... In spring of 1859, Paul Cézanne fell in love for the first time. Unfortunately the woman in question, whose name was Justine, was already involved with a classmate. He wrote, 'What fantasies I built, as mad as can be, but you see it’s like this: I said to myself if she didn’t despise me we should go to Paris together, there I should become an artist, we should be happy.' She never took notice of him. To make himself forget the girl, he spent all his time at the Free School of Drawing. While there, you were forbidden to ever go to the bathroom. Cézanne disdained the nude models, and at first he shied away from depicting the human form at all. He was far from the best of the group. ..."
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2011 August: Paul Cézanne, 2015 March: Madame Cézanne