Saturday, April 2

Ethiopian Kings 1975-80 - Rod Taylor

"It took some time, but with the release of 'Ethiopian Kings 1975-80' we are finally treated to an excellent revive compilation set from tough roots singer Rod Taylor. In the second half of the seventies Rod Taylor made a series of heavyweight roots records that established the culturally conscious youthman as a name to watch. In 1975 he recorded the noteable 'Bad Man Comes And Goes' for producer Oswald 'Ossie' Hibbert, but it lasted until 1978 before Taylor came to prominence through his association with Bertram Brown's highly regarded 'Freedom Sounds' label. Rod Taylor recorded two of his most important hits for this producer, 'Ethiopian Kings' and 'In The Right Way', which led to sessions with Michael Campbell aka Mikey Dread. ... 'Ethiopian Kings 1975-80' contains excellent roots music from way back, still sounding great today."
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