Saturday, April 23

Come Away With ESG (1982)

"It might have taken two decades, but the true genius of New York's early-'80s music scene is finally being acknowledged by a much younger generation of fans. And right in the middle of this revolutionary intersection of punk, disco, rap and soul were four sisters: Marie, Valerie, Renee, and Lorraine 'Sweet L' Scroggins, and their seminal mini-funk outfit, ESG. Recorded live and raw in a small studio located above Radio City Music Hall, the band's debut album, Come Away With ESG is a lasting document of their unique brand of minimal funk that would influence subsequent post-punk, hip-hop, and dance music acts. Stripped down to the most basic of drum beats and rudimentary basslines, 'Come Away' confirms the notion that the real rhythm is what happens between the beats. ..."
W - Come Away With ESG
Paste Magazine
YouTube: Come Away With ESG (FULL ALBUM, 1983)

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