Monday, April 18

Carl De Keyzer

"... His latest book, 'Cuba, La Lucha' captures Cuba in a state of flux, as the country starts to open up to foreign tourism and investment, and relations with the United States start to thaw. ... Through views of crumbling buildings, once can imagine the splendour of a bygone and glorious era, as well as an ambitious population ready to open a new chapter in its history. Carl De Keyzer captures the ambivalence of a changing country, torn between the desire to preserve its traditions and the desire to improve its economy. He seizes images of the end of a bankrupt Utopia, which has plunged its population into a deep identity conflict, divided by the lure of dazzling economic growth promised by the market and fears of consumerist excesses on its traditional culture. ..."
In pictures: Carl De Keyzer captures the decline of Cuban ...
Roberto Polo Gallery
Visionary of History, Carl De Keyzer Photographs Document Cuba's Struggle to Survive
Carl De Keyzer