Monday, March 21

Up From Liberalism

"Decades before Tony Blair and Bill Clinton took power, Anthony Crosland posited another third way. Crosland, a British Labour politician, gazed upon the welfare state his party had swiftly built after World War II — the crown jewel of which was the National Health Service — and effectively pronounced socialists’ work complete. Even if further reforms were needed to loosen up Britain’s famously rigid class system, Crosland wrote in 1956, the welfare-state-plus-full-employment mix was so widely accepted that 'the Conservatives now fight elections largely on policies which 20 years ago were associated with the Left, and repudiated by the Right.' In this changed environment, Crosland held, socialists should let go of their traditional commitment to socializing the means of production and focus on the present. ..."
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Up From Liberalism - WINTER 2016 | ISSUE 20 - Jacobin ($)