Friday, March 18

"The Dark End of the Street" - James Carr (1967)

Wikipedia - "'The Dark End of the Street' is a 1967 soul song written by songwriters Dan Penn and Chips Moman and first recorded by James Carr. The song was co-written by Penn, a professional songwriter and producer, and Moman, a former session guitarist at Phil Spector's Gold Star Studio, and also the owner of American Sound Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. ... In the summer of 1966, while a DJ convention was being held in Memphis, Penn and Moman were cheating while playing cards with Florida DJ Don Schroeder, and decided to write the song while on a break. Penn said of the song 'We were always wanting to come up with the best cheatin’ song. Ever.' ..."
BEHIND THE SONG: “The Dark End Of The Street”
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