Tuesday, March 29

Steinski - What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective

"One of the most unlikely heroes of hip-hop has to be former ad man Steinski, who catapulted himself to street-level fame by entering a Tommy Boy remix contest in 1983 and delivering (with recording studio vet Double Dee) one of the best mastermixes of all time. No matter that this was hardly an 'on the fly' turntablist piece worthy of Grandmaster Flash; basically, it came about from boxes of records, turntables, tape machines, and a dozen hours of studio time. The original 'Lesson' (aka 'The Payoff Mix') was a dizzying trip that took in dozens of track snippets interspersed with all manner of movie dialogue and cartoon samples. ... From there, Double Dee & Steinski or Steinski solo took on everything from the history of hip-hop, jazz, and Sugar Hill to two of the most deadly serious moments in American history, JFK's assassination ('The Motorcade Sped On') and the events of 9/11 ('Number Three on Flight Eleven'). ... Rap music has rarely gotten more virtuosic and creative than it does here."
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