Wednesday, March 2

Sicario (2015)

Wikipedia - "Sicario is a 2015 American crime-thriller drama film directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, and Josh Brolin. Written by Taylor Sheridan, the film is about a principled FBI agent who is enlisted by a government task force to bring down the leader of a powerful and brutal Mexican drug cartel. ... During an FBI SWAT raid of a hideout occupied by suspected kidnappers in Chandler, Arizona, Agent Kate Macer, her partner Reggie Wayne, and their team discover dozens of corpses. While the team investigates, an improvised explosive device detonates, killing two officers. In the aftermath, Kate's boss, Dave Jennings, recommends her for a task force assembled by the Department of Defense and Matt Graver (a CIA Special Activities Division undercover officer) to implicate those responsible, including Sonora Cartel lieutenant Manuel Díaz. ..."
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