Thursday, March 3

Rimbaud in New York

"Boy genius, rebel, visionary, Rimbaud set off a bomb in the world of letters with the publication of Illuminations. 130 years later, this dazzling book of poems, written mostly in prose, continues to amaze. John Ashbery's recent highly-acclaimed translation offers us these poems through the wonderfully precise and always surprising language of one of America's greatest contemporary poets. For Rimbaud in New York, The Civilians create a wildly original, playful and enriching inquiry into the meaning and legacy of Illuminations, staging how these revolutionary poems continue to resonate in the American imagination, setting off explosions in the minds of new readers. ..."
The Civilians
‘Rimbaud in New York’ Conjures ’70s Bohemia Downtown
Soundcloud: BAMorg - Beyond Rimbaud in New York
[PDF] Rimbaud in New York

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