Tuesday, March 1

Ramble Ramble: Beyond Repair

"Start talking to people who ride bicycles, and you will discover they have one thing in common regardless of their background, ability, or social group. People who bike regularly see more of the world. For some time, I have been hoping to stumble upon an outlet that would present me a platform to begin sharing the observations, stories, and questions piling up from my daily ramblings and travel by bike. The idea with this new series of articles for Mn Artists is to seek out art within the Twin Cities, ride my bicycle to see it, and then write about my experience, including how I got there. ... I’m not at all the first to mark such definitions. Thoreau noted that “wild” is the past participle of willed. Other writers -- Gary Snyder, Terry Tempest Williams, Jack Turner, and Barry Lopez to name a few -- have similarly worked to clarify the discrepancies between wildness and wilderness, and to explain why wildness is so essential to human life. ..."
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