Tuesday, March 22

Michelle Detorie

The Sin in Wilderness.
"My work explores gender, nature, interspecies friendships and relationships, power dynamics, the wonderful, and the mundane. Most of my creative research has been in the areas of emancipatory social projects, feminist poetics, creating new resources in literary interventions against state violence and war, and visual/digital/intermedia poetry. I am invested in pursuing an activist poetics that is deeply engaged with linking the political project of community building with expressive language. I’m attracted to liveliness, experiments in syntax and form, writing that involves visual and spatial elements, and politically motivated writing. I am also is interested in presenting text as multi-dimensional, plastic, playful, concrete, mutable, improvised, cooperative, collaborative, and interactive. More than anything, I am motivated by the brilliance and munificence of my peers, and by the writing and art of those who seek to create community and political change through radical critique, innovation, activism, generosity, and optimism."
Michelle Detorie
The Sin in Wilderness. An erased book. Source text: The Singing Wilderness by Sigurd F. Olson

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